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Yuan Gao

Just another brain investigator and robot scientist.

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Recent Publications

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Social Behavior Learning with Realistic Reward Shaping

Yuan Gao, Fangkai Yang, Martin Frisk, Daniel Hernandez, Christopher Peters and Ginevra Castellano
arXiv, 2018

Effects of Posture and Embodiment on Social Distance in Human-Agent Interaction in Mixed Reality

Chengjie Li, Theofronia Androulakaki, Yuan Gao, Fangkai Yang, Himangshu Saikia, Christopher Peters and Gabriel Skantze
Intelligent Virtual Agents, October 2018

Human-Robot Proxemics using Recurrent Neural Networks

Yuan Gao, Sebastian Wallk├Âtter, Mohammad Obaid and Ginevra Castellano
RO-MAN, 2018

When robot personalisation does not help: Insights from a robot-supported learning study

Yuan Gao, Wolmet Barendregt, Mohammad Obaid and Ginevra Castellano,
RO-MAN, 2018