Yuan Gao

Just another brain investigator and robot scientist.

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My name is (Alex) Yuan Gao and I a PhD candidate at Uppsala University. I am also one of the founding members of the [Uppsala Social Robotics Lab](http://usr-lab.com) and [SoRoS Community](http://soros-community.github.io). My research interests are driven by a final goal of developing AI-driven robots that can think and feel like real humans (e.g. Ex Machina). This encircles robot's learning and control, natural language processing, image processing, neuroscience and computational phycology. In particular, I am interested in deep/reinforcement/neuro-based learning approaches for robotic perception, control, and physical modelling of the robot’s environment, which can help us to understand ourselves and build a unified learning structure for an adaptive, efficient and robust complex robotic system.